igel.tech at the Startup Village 2016


igel.tech at the Startup Village 2016

Dear reader: this is a live coverage of the Startup Village 2016 at the Messebozen Hotel Fair by us at igel.tech.

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The crowd is making its way through the brand new stands of the Bozen Hotel Fair: Say hello to the Startup Village 2016! Igel.tech is proudly presenting its latest innovative product: menu.tech. menu.tech is an automatised menu translation software. It includes 10 beautiful ready-to-use menu designs and automatically adds EU recognised allergens. Lukas and Laure are at the Startup Village stand: both are multilingual (covering Italian, German, French and English) and hardcore foodies. You can be sure they will present you menu.tech with great pleasure!

igel.tech at Startup Village 2016


We took a closer look at the South Tyrollean Hotel Startup Scene. Here is a round-up of who's who in the order at which they pitched today:

Tell em box Startup Village 2016

Tell em' box: is an anonymous feedback messaging app for hotels. Powered with semantic analysis, the app lets hotels quickly gather feedback on their hotels' condition because as their tagline says, "Opinion makes success". You can check all their packages starting at €52/month here.


Karuselo at Startup Village 2016

Karuselo builds custom made playgrounds and toys for the younger guests at your hotel. All materials used in the making of the toys are locally sourced in South Tyrol. You can check out the children books, toy boxes and cute baby pictures on their website.


Conichi at Startup Village 2016

As straightforwardly resumed on their siteConichi is the hotel app for mobile check-in, digital key and mobile check-out. With 400 hotels on board and growing, the app aims to modernise the hotel industry one push notification at the time. Make sure to ring their reception hotel bell at their Startup Village 2016 stand!


Room Checking at Startup Village 2016

Room checking is digitalising the intra-work communication between cleaning staff, reception and rooms. They optimise that oh-so-short 1 hour gap time employees have to clean a room after check-out. The knowledge becomes shared, in real time. You can request a demo on their website.


Easisoft at Startup Village 2016

EasiSoft is a "pick what you like" modular hotel software that joined the Startup Village 2016. They offer a comprehensive suite of 15 services, the latest one being the "Book now" button they pitched at the Startup Village 2016. They constitute a network of experts in Hotellery, Marketing and IT. From digital coupons to travel insurance, you can check out what they do here.


DRIWE at Startup Village 2016

DRIWE allows hotel and gastronomy businesses to take part of a eco-friendly green future. They sell everything from the hardware to the software for businesses to welcome electric car drivers. From a photovoltaic house system to charging stations, you can check out their products and services here online.


Realer at Startup Village 2016

The virtual reality agency Realer - as in, realer than real (get it?) - creates custom solutions for businesses who want the equip their business with the virtual edge of things. For hotels, they have a ready-to-use technology for 360 videos, 360 panorama photos, panorama tours on smartphones or directly embeddable on your website. Check it out here. Realer is the 2nd Winner of the Day at the Startup Village 2016!


RateBoard at Startup Village 2016

RateBoard is introducing dynamic pricing used in the airline industry (for example) to the hotel industry. Hotels can forecast their optimal price 360 days in advance through the algorithm-fuelled service. Check out their website for more info. RateBoard is the 2nd Winner of the Day at the Startup Village 2016!


BikeCube at Startup Village 2016

BikeCube holds a patent pending technology which allows e-bike riders to safely park their vehicle. It is packed with fantastic technology such as smart docking and robo parking. You can check out their 2 models proudly designed and produced in South Tyrol on their website.


Spherea3d at Startup Village 2016

Get ready for a multidimensional experience with Spherea3D, the South Tyrollean based 360 movie maker. The on-screen results are flabbergasting (we don't use that word often, so believe us when we do!) and powered by helicopters and thousands of post-edit work. Best is to enjoy their work with a virtual reality headset (like we did at the Startup Village 2016), but the images are beautiful on their website too.


Banale. at the Startup Village 2016

Banale. brings colour and joy to everyday products like head masks, toothbrushes and hand wash products all proudly made in Italy (see them here). Through vivid colour choices and creative design, Banale. offers a true opportunity for hotel bathrooms to be unique and remembered. 


Meti HACCP Manager at Startup Village 2016

The Meti HACCP Manager will make the administrative papers disappear from your desk - and allow food retailers and restaurant owners to be fully compliant with HACCP regulation. You can check out a short video on their website, and enjoy the software for a €300/year to €1,200/year fee.


Zirb at Startup Village 2016

Zirb brings nature back to the hotel room - and more specifically the oh-so-relaxing pine tree scent. The beautifully designed diffuser comes in three sizes (see here) to cater for different room sizes. The product comes in a all wood and sheep wool box, that hotels can personalise with their own logo and promotions. 




Dear reader: this is a live coverage of the Startup Village 2016 at the Messebozen Hotel Fair by us at igel.tech.

If you'd like to add your voice, please tweet/tag us @igeltech!


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