Improve your Facebook Ad Campaigns with A/B Testing


Improve your Facebook Ad Campaigns with A/B Testing

With 1,591 billion monthly active users (January 2016), there are high chances your target audience is using Facebook. The Californian service is finding new ways for its users to engage in the social network. Those features range from video autoplay (initiating the "reading" videos trend) to replacing the iconic "Like" button with a wider range of emotions. In doing so, the social network collects usage data of higher quality: how users convey positive or negative emotions to each other, where do they live, where do they go on holidays, how do they look like, etc. In this context, Facebook enables its business clients to better reach out to their target audience - no matter how niche it is.


A/B Testing for Continuous Improvement

Facebook lets you benefit from their high quality data. You can edit your Advert Set for better results:

  • Location,
  • Age,
  • Gender,
  • Language,
  • Facebook Pages followed,
  • Apps used,
  • Events joined,
  • Demographics (Ethic Affinity, Generational group, Home type, Life events,...),
  • Interests (Film / Music / Game / Reading tastes, Relationship type, Food tastes, Hobbies,...),
  • Behaviours (Device usage, Car owned, Travelling preferences, Sport events followed,...),

You can save a selection of user demographics with a "Advert Set" name of your choice. You can then set a time & budget for each Advert Set you would like to compare. Make sure to give some time for your Ad to 'prove itself' before making your decision.


A/B Testing to lower your Cost per Acquisition

Facebook Advertisments work as an auction: "All ads on Facebook compete against each other in this process, and the ads that our system determines are most likely to be successful will win the auction." This is why great targeting is essential for your Ad to compete against others. Here are the advertising objectives you can choose from:

  • Clicks to Website,
  • Website Conversions,
  • Page Post Engagement,
  • Page Likes,
  • App Installs,
  • App Engagement,
  • Redeemable Offer Claims,
  • Local Awareness,
  • Event Responses,
  • Video Views.

Based on your chosen adjective, we recommend a <1,- EUR Cost Per Click (CPC) target. In our experience, a consistent, relevant and authentic Ad can maintain a reasonable CPC for one or two months. It is essential to keep A/B testing your Facebook ads to keep your online marketing budget in control and continuously expose your product or service to new users.

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